sR-2400e: 2Tx + 4Rx

IMST’s 24 GHz Radar sR-2400e and the Development Kit DK-sR-2400e have 2 transmit (Tx) and 4 receive (Rx) channels for multiple targets range/velocity measurements and azimuth angle estimation. The angles are determined by time-of-arrival parameters from the Rx1…Rx4 receiver antennas. The two transmit antennas are designed for wide (70°) and narrow (30°) view. Digital Beam Forming (DBF) is feasible. The radar signal processor allows fast FMCW chirp sequences for range-velocity evaluation. The radar module has an Ethernet interface. The Developer Kit DK-sR-2400e comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) called SenTool. SenTool makes it easy to configure the sensor and to measure, visualize and analyze radar data in several different graphical plots.

Radar chipset from Analog Devices.

See Data Sheet: HR_RZ_HZ_DK_sR-2400e_Radar_19_8_E

SenTool for sR-2400e with parameter settings and data plots