5.8 GHz FMCW Radar

Radar-AntennaWith the 5.8 GHz FMCW radar module a low-cost radar solution has been developed to serve a number of applications within a huge market for distance measurement tasks in this ISM-band frequency range. Especially for countries where the 24 GHz band is not available, this radar is a nice alternative. The module features internal antennas with a 3 dB beam-width of 30° and 70° and a
directivity of 12 dBi. The 5.8 GHz RF frontend circuit is designed on the backside of the antenna substrate. IMST applies its baseband and interface boards for FMCW mode operation, digital signal
processing and USB interface to a standard PC. This is exactly the same control electronics which is also used for the 24 GHz radar modules.
As an example close range detection of a moving car is shown. The available ISM-band bandwidth of 50 MHz already provides sufficient results for a crash detection alarm for instance. Moreover, the
5.8 GHz FMCW radar module is capable to cover a bandwidth even up to 215 MHz. In a closed environment (e.g. mining) this advantage can be used to further increase the accuracy for distance
measurements. With a ramp time of 1 ms medium sized obstacles with slow and medium velocity can be detected perfectly. The output power of the radar frontend is set to 19.5 dBm EIRP to fulfill the
European regulations of the ISM-band standard.

See Application Note: LR_HZ_APN4_Radar_5.8GHz_ 2016_E