IMST’s 24 GHz FMCW SENTIRETM Radar is designed for distance, angle (azimuth and elevation) and velocity measurements of targets on the ground or in the air.

sR-14MPc and integrated antenna

The waterproofed housing (IP65) includes one transmit and four receive antennas. A/D conversion, signal processing, ramp generation and parameter setting are done by an integrated TI Digital Signal Controller. Azimuth and elevation angle are determined by a “phase-comparison monopulse” technique, whereby the direction to a target is estimated from the time-of-arrival phase difference of the two antenna pairs Rx1/Rx2 and Rx3/Rx4. Thus, the received radar signals can be used for target detection and tracking in 3D space. The radar module features a CAN-bus interface plus 4 digital signal lines. Other interfaces can be supported on request.

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CE Approval incl. RED (2014/53/EC): Declaration of Conformity for sR-14MPc: