Declaration of Conformity:
adobe_pdf_icon DoC_Sentire_sR-1200e_10_2017_CE_en_signed CE Approval: Declaration of Conformity for sR-1200e
adobe_pdf_icon DoC_Sentire_DK-sR-1200e_10_2017_R&TTE_en_signed CE Approval: Declaration of Conformity for DK-sR-1200e
Radar Technical Data:
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_sR-1200e_Radar_DK-sR-1200e_2017_E Technical Data of sR-1200e and DK-sR-1200e
adobe_pdf_icon HR_HZ_A-sR-1032 Radar 2017_E A-sR-1032: External patch antenna with one transmit and two receive antennas on multilayer PCB (for sR-1030e and DK-sR-1030e)
Radar Application Notes:
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN1_Radar_Landscape_ 2016_E APN-1: Landscape Measurements with sR-1030 and two Horn Antennas
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN2_Radar_Building_ 2016_E APN-2: Building Measurements with sR-1030 and two Horn Antennas
adobe_pdf_icon APN-3: coming next
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN4_Radar_5.8GHz_ 2016_E APN-4: Distance Measurement with 5.8GHz FMCW Radar
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN5_Radar_Polarimetric_ 2016_E APN-5: Polarimetric Measurements with sR-12CP Radar
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN6_Radar_8RxChannels_ 2016_E APN-6: 8-Channel Digital Beamforming extended Frontend and Antenna
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN7_Radar_Airport_ 2016_E APN-7: Surveillance of Taxiway Crossings at Airport Cologne/Bonn
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN8_Radar_PTZCamera_ 2016_E APN-8: Intruder Detection with Radar and PTZ Camera
adobe_pdf_icon LR_HZ_APN9_Radar_microDoppler_ 2016_E APN-9: Target Classification with micro-Doppler Radar
adobe_pdf_icon APN-10: coming next
adobe_pdf_icon RPAS_S-1000-Overview RPAS – DJI S-1000 Development Platform with 24GHz Radar
adobe_pdf_icon 1MA267_0e_automotive_Radar_Meas_Interfer_tests Rohde & Schwarz®: RPAS – Automotive Radar Sensors – RF Signal Analysis and Inference Tests
Radar Publications:
adobe_pdf_icon RWTH Aachen: C. Ben, I. Martin, N. Voget, D. Moormann: „Radar-Assisted Three-Dimensional Operating Detect and Avoid System for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems“, AIAA Science and Technology Forum, Grapevine, Texas, USA, January 3-7, 2017
adobe_pdf_icon RWTH Aachen: C. Ben, D. Schwichtenhövel, D. Moormann: „Entwurf eines automatisierten allwetterfähigen lateralen Kollisionsvermeidungssystems für unbemannte Luftfahrtsysteme mittels Proportional Navigation Lenkverfahren“, 65. Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress, Braunschweig, Germany, September 13-15, 2016
adobe_pdf_icon IMST GmbH: M. Hägelen, R. Kulke, R. Jetten, G. Möllenbeck: „Perimeter Surveillance Using a Combination of Radar and Optical Sensors“, 13th European Radar Conference at European Microwave Week, London, UK, October 3-7, 2016
adobe_pdf_icon IMST GmbH: O. Lam, R. Kulke, M. Hägelen, G. Möllenbeck: „Classification of Moving Targets Using Mirco-Doppler Radar“, IRS – 17th International Radar Symposium, Krakow, Poland, May 10-12, 2016
adobe_pdf_icon IMAV_2015_C.Ben_RWTH_Aachen_FINAL RWTH Aachen: C. Ben, T. Islam and D. Moormann: Institute of Flight System Dynamics, RWTH Aachen University, Germany,
“Field study of a 24 GHz FMCW radar system suitable to detect small-sized RPAS under 5 kg MTOW”, International Micro Air Vehicles Conference and Flight Competition, IMAV, Aachen, Germany, Sept. 15-18, 2015