FMCW-Radar-15IMST’s 24 GHz FMCW SENTIRETM Radar is designed for distance, angle and velocity measurements of targets on the ground or in the air.

The waterproofed housing (IP65) includes one transmit and two receive antennas. The receive channels measure I/Q data. A/D conversion, signal processing, ramp generation and parameter setting are done by an integrated TI Digital Signal Controller. The radar module features an Ethernet (Power-over-Ethernet) interface. Other interfaces can be supported on request.

The standard housing is black (left module). The transparent housing gives an impression of the antenna and RF board insight (right module).

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CE Approval incl. RED (2014/53/EC): Declaration of Conformity for sR-1200e:


Technical Specification

ModulationFMCW / CW
Operating Frequency24.0GHz - 24.25GHz (ISM band)
Number of Channels1 Tx, 2 Rx (with I/Q demodulator each)
Data InterfaceEthernet (with PoE)
Antenna TypeIntegrated Patch Antenna
Antenna Characteristics65° Azimuth, 24° Elevation
Antenna Polarizationlinear
Min. Measurement Range0.6m (@ ISM band)
Max. Measurement Range307m (@ ISM band)
Range Resolutionmax. 0.6m (@ ISM band)
Max./Min. Speed (theoretical)+/-3200m/s
Speed Resolution6.25m/s (@ 24GHz, CW Mode)
Angle Measurement Accuracy2° - 3°
Frequency Ramp Duration1ms - 100ms
Typical Update Rate10Hz - 200Hz (depending on application)
Output Power (EIRP)10dBm - 19dBm (tunable)
Min. Operating Temperature-40°C
Max. Operating temperature60°C (@ duty cycle < 50%)
Operation Voltage44V - 54V (PoE)
Standby Power3.0W
Operating Power4.5W
Dimensions (L x W x H)98mm x 87mm x 42.5mm (Housing)
114mm x 87mm x 42.5mm (with Bushing)
Weight280g (with cable)
Mounting4 Mounting Holes (5mm)
Connection Cable and ConectorCAT-6 with RJ45 Female Plug (Ethernet)
Protection CodeIP65