Drohne mit Radar1Customers who want to “fly” with the radar module and make measurements from the air may order the UAV/RPAS system (sU-1201) which is already equipped with a radar module, a gimbal and a suitable control and data transfer unit.

The radar hardware is equivalent to our DK-sR-1200 developer kit – users that are new to radar systems are encouraged to start with the DK-sR-1200 system.

These systems come with a firmware optimized for UAV/RPAS.
It comes with a preconfigured clearance tracker algorithm to monitor distance ranges 0-2m, 2-5m, 5-10m, 10-20m and 20-50m.
Three digital signal outputs are available on the system’s interface representanting the alert status of these ranges. This setup allows a fast generation of alerts, which can be mapped to an interrupt generated at the host system.

The radar comes in a weather-resistant housing – all connections (power, data) are provided by an open-ended cable.






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