UAV Airborne Liquid Sampler

Drohne Schläuche Rückseite2The SENTIRE LS 4000 is a small and light-weight device capable of taking samples during fight operation.

The liquid is drawn through one (or two) sterile tubes into a sterile container on the flight system.

Here, the sample is kept safe until the RPAS returns to its base, where the sterile container is removed, keeping the purity of the sample.
Both parts, container and tubes are replaced in a few simple steps and the system is ready for take-off again.

A radar sensor is optional and can be used to monitor the distance to the water surface. This systems functions as a simple safe-keeper, allowing the pilot to operate the RPAS in higher distances and preventing crashes. In addition, the system can be used to ensure a certain insertion depth of the tube into the liquid. Taking samples from different, controlled, depths thus becomes feasible..

The LS 9000 comes with two floating bodies on its landing skit to ensure safety.

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