smi_frontend_antenna_perspective-sThe sR-1800 is a full-scale digital beamforming frontend. It features a single transmit antenna and on recever side a patch array network with 8 outputs. All 8 outputs are equipped with full downconversion chains, i.e. LNA, mixer and IF amplifiers. A novel in-system calibration standard enables the user to switch on / off a reference target and thereby evaluate amplitude and phase differences of the 8 channels. With this system, high precision measurements and online drift-compensation (e.g. temperature) become feasible. The digital subsystem features two IMST baseband units in master-slave configuration. A central clock generation ensures that ADC samples are coherent. The calculation power is sufficient to perform fourier transforms and first digital processing steps (decimation, filtering, rough target detections). Processed data is either saved on internal SD-Card or is transferred to a host via SPI, where full digital beamforming is performed.

See Application Note: LR_HZ_APN6_Radar_8RxChannels_ 2016_E